JUST PUSH PLAY presents:

September 8, 2012

Noon on Granville Island

Part of the Vancouver Fringe

Podcast + Flashmob + Simon Says + Battle Re-enactment


A free, half-hour, one-time-only, podcast-directed,

non-violent, public, participatory,

commemoration of The War of 1812.


Even more fun than the actual War of 1812!


Here’s how it works:


1) Download the MP3 podcast file at the link below these instructions.  Transfer the file onto your iPod, smartphone or other mobile MP3 device. (But don’t listen to it yet.)


2) Register by emailing justpushplayaudiomotion@gmail.com with the subject line “I’m in”.  Let us know how many you will be.


3) On September 8, come to Ron Basford Park before Noon (remember, it’s tough to park on Granville Island on the weekends), with the MP3 podcast on your mobile device and headphones.  Ron Basford Park (also known as “The Mound”) is on the East end of Granville Island at the end of Cartwright Street.  The Ron Basford Park is right next to the Granville Island Hotel.  Go to the far side of the park, which will be marked with balloons.


4) Have a seat on the grassy area between the red, white and blue balloons.


5) Look for the Man with the Big Orange Umbrella


6) At one minute before Noon, the Man with the Big Orange Umbrella will wave his closed umbrella. This is the sign to get ready.  Put on your headphones, and ready your mobile device.


7) At Noon, the Man with the Orange Umbrella will OPEN THE UMBRELLA.  This is the signal for everyone to simultaneously Just Push Play on their mobile devices.


8) Follow the instructions you hear on your headphones.


9) Later, we’ll post photos on the website or facebook page (The 1812 Event)



Download the MP3 podcast